Pardot-WebEx Playbook

Download the Engagement Program Overview and Detailed Checklist Spreadsheet

Are you reporting on Webinar ROI?

Pardot's standard WebEx Connector allows for some great functionality, but it might not be clear how to take advantage. 

The Pardot-WebEx Playbook contains two detailed files. One is a PDF to show an outline of the Pardot Engagement Program, as well as the specific setting of each step. The second file is an editable, tabbed spreadsheet (XLSX) that breaks down roles & responsibilities, a full checklist broken out by sections, and even a test script.

Find out how much revenue your webinars are generating by setting up automated Campaign ROI reporting in Salesforce using standard tools and features available with a connected Pardot and Salesforce account. Use this playbook to lay the groundwork for ROI reporting using the Campaign object.


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